What’s that saying?


It goes something like this;
“One mans trash is another mans treasure”

The short story, I’m my mothers daughter.
The long(er) story, me and Mom (RaeAnn) were talking yesterday and she said she doesn’t like to go shopping at regular stores because she doesn’t care for what they have to offer. Plain and simple, I guess we just like other peoples crap. I have to agree with her, I love nothing more than to go to the local Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, what-have-you, to find a great piece of furniture or home decor item and then to come home to reveal the true potential of that piece. I now frequent the fabric store, a sickness in itself. I’ve made nine throw pillows in the past 48 hours because I just couldn’t live without that fabric. I don’t know what’s happened to me. Ace Hardware is now a destination location. I suppose I’ve got the mentality that I can do a more satisfactory job than, oh say, an actual upholsterer, refinisher, seamstress. I have no idea where my elitist alter ego came from, but I kinda like it. I look forward to Thursday and Fridays for the garage sales and I’m up bright and early on Sundays to be the first one at the Flea Market getting the good finds. It’s nice, no one else will have it in their homes. I never thought I’d turn into my mother, guess I was wrong.

Here are some photos of my “treasures”.


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