As I’ve mentioned before, I love Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays for the Garage Sales! I’ve become a little obsessed and my eyes are trained to find those little signs sitting so low to the ground. I’ve even become a sign critic.  If you are going to have a garage sale follow these rules for signage…

  1. Arrows are always helpful pointing in the direction of your sale.
  2. Address (people have GPS systems now a days.)
  3. Days and times of the sale (some people put signs up the day before and it’s deceiving.) 
  4. Don’t say it’s HUGE if it’s not, but if it is, DO!
  5. BRIGHT! NEON! LEGIBLE! (Draw attention to your junk, I mean, treasure.)

Some other tips for throwing a garage sale…

  1. Multi-family sales are amazing! (I like it when multiple families get together and have a garage sale. There is more to check out and I might not have seen a sign for the separate sales…
  2. Have a little bit of everything, not just kids stuff!
  3. Price accordingly, the reason you’re having a garage sale is to get rid of your junk! For example, don’t price paperback books at $5, (I’ve seen it) price them at $.25 or $.50… 
  4. Have furniture out for sale even if it’s broken, people like to fix/reupholster those pieces up (like me!)
  5. If you have kids, I’m a sucker for lemonade, so help them make some and sell it for $.25! cookies, too!
  6. Don’t ask if the person is looking for anything in-particular, most of the time, we don’t know what we want until we see it.

Please share if you have additional garage sale tips!


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  1. Tip #673: group like things together. Such as broken chairs and that old fabric you never got around to using so it makes “penny’s” day a lot more exciting!!!

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