Earlier this summer Rob and I adopted a Boston Terrier.  She makes me smile.  How can I resist the wide smile on her boxy little face.  One of my favorite Meiko-traits would be, every morning she gets 3 treats when I put her in her crate. When I get home from work, she has saved all 3 treats and will parade around the apartment with them in her mouth, one at a time.  She’ll run back into her crate get the second, and third after wiggling around for 10 minutes she’ll finally remember it’s time to go potty outside.  

Let’s say I had to sit in a room for more than 5 hours a day with a tasty treat, that said treat, wouldn’t have lasted more than 5 minutes. Meiko didn’t inherit my patience, that’s for sure!

A couple weeks ago Meikos doggie day care held a “dog days of summer” party.  She did really well on the obstacle course. This is a photo of her at the end of the tube she ran through…see what I was saying about the wide smile? irresistible!


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