I never thought I was a cheese girl.  

Sure, I love nachos, the nice little cracker sandwiches you can make with cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, but not cheeseburgers.  Apparently when I was little I would order a “cheeseburger plain, with only ketchup”  in my head that meant I want a hamburger with only ketchup.  But that’s besides the point.  Wisconsin is known for it’s cheese, everyone knows that and cheese curds sure are up there on the cheese list.  

The Taste of Madison occurred this weekend around The Square. Madison and surrounding area restaurants have a booth selling their specialty dish in small(er) portions.  Robbie got a cookie dough egg roll, I ate some gumbo, we both went to The Melting pot and nearly swallowed the chocolate covered strawberries.  The best $6 spent went to , cheese curds from The Old Fashioned.  Last year they went through 300lbs of cheese at The Taste, and it’s no wonder.  I know, I know, but  unless you’ve had them, you don’t understand how deep fried cheese can be so amazing. 



deep fried cheese...what a treat.

deep fried cheese...what a treat.


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