Don’t get me wrong, the big box craft stores like, Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby have the necessary tools to assist in a DIY project but the fabric selection, I’ve learned to…settle with.  Every time I’ve had a new project to reupholster, I’ll head into Jo-Ann’s, bolt to the back of the store and cross my fingers that a new pattern will be on display.  I’ll normally wind up buying a yard or two of any fabric just because I’ve spent 30-45 minutes searching for products made up in my mind.  

Just last week, I stumbled upon Amy Butler’s fabrics.  It was like she went into my design style and printed the exact prints I wanted!  Unfortunately, one can’t buy Amy’s fabric’s on the website, but she does have a page that tells you where you can find her fabrics, Jo-Ann’s being absent from the list, no kidding.  

With Amy’s fabric I, re-reupholstered the chair below, because the Jo-Ann’s fabric just didn’t cut it!

 oh, and the chair, I rescued from St. Vincent de Paul, for $4!  It will look nice with my dream desk.


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  1. Hey there! I notice that you have the same passion as me! I love to sew and create. I admire your gift for reupholstering, where did you learn how?

    I have done a little sewing and have made purses and Bible covers. Also I am crocheting a rag rug that will hopefully end up being 17ft long :) It is so fun to learn new things and experiment!!

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