Little Boxes.


If you’ve ever watched the Showtime series Weeds, you’ve probably had an annoying little song in your little head, all little day. It goes a little something like this…Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,” and on and on..

Every time I go to construct a Penny Roulette original, a different kind of little box, like a little bad habit, that song is on repeat in my head. Lucky little me.

My Little Boxes are craft boxes where I’ve decopodged stationary/scrapbook paper/fabric to the pine sides.  Then to add a little decoration.  I’ll get my handy little glue gun out to add trim or buttons, just no very little ticky-tacky.

the little box

the little box

The inside.

The inside.

















Was the use of little a little annoying?  My advice, fast forward through the opening credits of Weeds.


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