Trouble with a capital T.


I get myself into trouble. Every day I have an hour for lunch. If I don’t actually leave the building I’ll get roped into a project and never leave. Ideally I should pack a lunch since my dining options are very limited to McDonalds and Culvers. A snack pack hamburger with only ketchup or chicken nuggets is not only unhealthy for me it’s starting to get old. But that’s beside the point, while I’m out, I like to look at the possible treasures at St. Vincent de Paul or head to the only other option for shopping, the quilt/fabric store. This is how I get myself into trouble, I see a fabric I like, and I need to have that fabric, even more so if it’s Amy Butler fabric. I suppose they will look nice folded up in my craft closet… Maybe I’ll actually make a quilt now that I’ve frequented the quilting store, could I be brainwashed? I never thought of myself as a quilter.

so pretty

so pretty



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  1. I’m glad you think Its pretty. It would make the person who came up with the pattern sad if no one thought it was pretty. That’s so sweet of you to think about their feelings!!!!! You’re a good person!

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