I’m from the Midwest. It gets cold here. I should be acquainted to the weather by now. After all, I have had 23 years of this.

Last year when I was traveling with YourGameFace, I was spoiled. My winter months we spent in warm(er) states. When I wasn’t in a warm state I was only in Madison for a week, just to get a taste of winter and then off again to anther warm state.

It’s only Nov. 17th, snow hasn’t accumulated yet and I’m already researching for a space heater to sit by my legs at my work desk. To my defense, my desk space is right by the door, and it’s a bit drafty. Right now, I have a blanket over my legs…not very cute nor work appropriate. I’m looking forward to sitting here with warm legs without my blanket.

I’m thinking this space heater would work just fine, it doesn’t make much noise and I know for a fact this one heats up fast!


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