2008 Recap.


A little recap of all things fantastic about 2008.

Adopting Meiko

Watching Meiko run around the apartment in excitement.

Snuggling with Meiko.

Shopping for Meiko.

Anything and everything for Meiko.

Exploring another fabulous year with Robbie :)

Attending weddings of friends and family.

Refinishing, Reupholstering, Repurposing…

White Chocolate Mochas.

My dream desk.

Taking Ballet lessons again.

Teaching dance lessons.

Skiing in Vail.

Traveling with YourGameFace.

93.1 XRT radio station in Chicago.

Time spent with family and friends in Kalamazoo.

Garage Sales.

The perfect pair of jeans from Gap.


Sending and receiving letters.

Starting this blog!

Sprinkle doughnuts.

Concerts on the Square.

Starting and COMPLETING many projects.

Sewing 1, ,2, 3,4! dresses, and actually wearing them.

Having a job I like waking up and going to everyday.

Having a job.


Riding and flying in a private airplane!

The Union Terrace.

Cheese curds

Cheese, sausage, and crackers.


My family, friends, and you!

Farewell 2008!

Farewell 2008!


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