Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

baby, it's cold outside.

baby, it's cold outside.

As you can see, today the high temperature will be -6.

Currently, it’s -15. Schools are closed for “cold day.” Where was I when schools closed for “cold day”? I’m so jealous of the kids around here, they get to play their Wii’s, stay in their sweatpants, and eat grilled cheese sandwiches.

Of all the days to lock myself out of my apartment, I was defaulted to today.  Every morning Meiko and I go outside at 6:45 so she can take care of business, on my way out the door I normally pull it just enough shut to look closed but so I can get back in. Plus on the normal leash we use, Meiko has her own set of keys on it, just in case  we were to pull the door shut completely.  Today I decided to use a different leash, and accidentally pulled the door all the way shut.  Should’ve known better…

I’m thawing right now with a space heater at my feet and a super cozy sweater.  I’m pretty sure I have a date with my sofa, the TV, a blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate at 5:20 tonight.

Stay warm!!!


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