Let me first start off by saying I’ll admit I’m crazy for doing this to Meiko.  But in my defense, she needs them in this Midwest winter.  

Meiko in her booties.

Meiko in her booties.

These booties are crucial to Meikos well being.  The poor little pups paws freeze up and she refuses to finish her “business” outside.  One time she came and stood on my feet in effort for me to feel sorry for her and bring her back in. It worked and I had a little mess to clean up inside shortly after.  So I guess the booties are crucial for my well being as well!

Every morning on my way to work I see parents walking their kids to school with dogs in tow and even the big dogs have booties on, so see, I’m really not that crazy. I’ve been searching for a pair for awhile and today we found the perfect booties on sale for only $8!  

Meikos first bootie walk went well, she was running around (more like prancing) in the snow, did her business outside and didn’t freeze up.  SUCCESS! 

Post walk, warm paws!

Post walk, warm paws!


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  1. I haven’t taken Pixel for a walk since Winter started! I feel terrible, but she is so small I get afraid she will freeze to death. Where did you find those?

  2. Of all places the booties are from PetSmart! They had baby booties! The booties are a pain in the butt to put on but well worth it!

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