For Christmas in 2007 Robs sister and brother in law gave us each a special print from their friend/artist Tim Kirkpatrick.  That print was my favorite gift, although my pink Titleist golf bag was a close second.  

It’s Robs birthday on Friday, (he’s already ruined the surprise of his gift, so it’s safe for me to post about it,) I ordered another print from Tim for Rob.  I’m so excited for the print to get here.  Although Rob knows he’s getting TimArt, he doesn’t know what it looks like.  Tim sent me a photo of the print he’s sending and I think Rob is really going to like it.  The new print will look so nice next to his already framed one…just adding to the collection!

The photos below are of the print I received from Molly and Jason two Christmas’ ago. It’s hard to tell from my little photos but each print has intricate details throughout the entire piece you’d never think you’d find.  Such as, a spider in her hair, a bunny in the hat, stars, flowers, etc.  I just love how every time I look at my print I see a new detail I haven’t seen before. Everyone should have a piece of Tim Kirkpatrick art.


TimArt in my room.

TimArt in my room.

Close up of my TimArt.

Close up of my TimArt.


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