I remember weekends when I lived at home with my parents and I’d roll out of bed around 10 am and walk into the kitchen where my Dad would welcome me with a “good morning beautiful.”  He’d be unloading a brown paper bag of orange juice, some bagels, and the newspaper.  He had already, been to the hardware store, the gas station, the grocery store,  the bagel shop, and a million other places and it was only 10 am! I didn’t understand it at the time, why on earth wouldn’t someone want to sleep in?  But…

Now that I’m, should I say, adult (?) I have a Sunday morning ritual of my own.  I head to Target, grab a coffee and make my way around the maze, picking up odds and ends that acquire on my list throughout the week.  Then I’ll take items I no longer want to the Goodwill around the corner, run to other shops if I need to, and head back to the apartment to unload my brown bags of goodies to say “good morning beautiful” to Meiko, and sometimes, Rob. :)

I just love my Sunday mornings, spending time with my thoughts and getting things crossed off my list at the same time.  I tried going to Wal*Mart last Sunday and it’s just not the same.


Mac. Dad. Me.

Mac. Dad. Me.

This photo will do.  I don’t really have a photo of my father unloading a bag.


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