Lip Balm.


Does it ever seem as though when you need chapstick, it’s never there? Well I wasn’t going to fall for that mishap this winter. Nope.  I stocked up on the best chapstick in the world, Carmex.  I made sure I had  one in every coat pocket, my car, my desk at home and at work, my purse, and next to my bed.  I didn’t settle either I made sure I  had the good stuff, it says so right on the label “it smoothes, it heals, and it  protects.”

Getting the right packaging is crucial, who likes to stick their dirty finger into a little jar over and over again until you get a thin layer of balm for your lip? My idea of the best Carmex out there is the perfected squeezable tube. I love the tube, I always get the perfect amount and it spreads so easy.  Plus I know it’s in a pocket as opposed to the normal chapstick tube which consequently I end up washing and drying.

On my last Target run, a new Carmex squeezable tube was on the list.  To my surprise while standing in the chapstick isle, they sold out of the regular Carmex, all that was left was cherry and strawberry. I really didn’t want to switch, but I thought for .94 cents I could try the strawberry.   I think I enjoy the little tingle when I put the original Carmex on, it feels like it’s working.

It was bound to happen.  This past weekend was so warm that I didn’t need to wear one of my winter coats,  my vest would be warm enough.  So I moved the normal carmex from my coat to my vest pocket and I forgot to switch it back.  Now I’m stuck with the strawberry, which I’m not not a big fan of, if I wanted a fruity flavor I’ll go back to lipsmakers.

strawberry carmex makes me sad.

strawberry carmex makes me sad.


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  1. Should have got the cherry instead – that’s my favorite flavor. Strawberries always have those annoying little seeds that crunch and I can’t imagine how those would soothe a chapped lip.
    S – Strawberry – Sad
    C – Cherry – Cheerful

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