Monkey and Monster.


I saw the most bizarre thing today while enjoying some Chipotle for lunch.  At the table next to me was a mother and her two kids. They were cute munching on their tacos and then I saw something crazy.  On their backs was a little backpack in the shape of a stuffed animal, I believe (without staring too much) the little girl had a dog and the little boy, a monkey.  After a couple bites the little boy decided to get up and start walking away, as he’s doing so, the mother catapults her arm to the monkey’s tail…


monkey and monster

monkey and monster

I updated the  faces for their privacy,which is really unfortunate because they tell a lot about the photo.  The kids  face and arms show that he is being pulled back with force and the mothers face is of her screaming at the kid.  I don’t know where to take this story other than this lady is clearly crazy, a leash, really? Holding hands and trust doesn’t work these days?


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  1. Love your post today! David and I went baby shopping last weekend and we were talking about the monkey leash. When David was younger his mom made him wear one because he was a WILD CHILD. And I mean a wild child!! (I am doomed if our kids act like him) I think that if we have a wild child I will be stopping by Target and purchasing it hands down.

    I rather have a live kid on a leash, then a flat one in the road. :)

  2. With the mustache-face graphic, I got really confused when you said it was mom in the picture!

    And Meghan—baby shopping??? They sell them in stores now???
    Yikes, can you imagine a used baby salesman (with a comb-over, of course): “Oh, this one’s real cherry. Almost no accidents. Healthy exhaust system, runs real quiet. Wanna take her around the block once or twice? I’ve got a leash right here!”

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