This weekend, I have big plans.


Sewing. Sewing. And more sewing. I volunteered my time to sew about 30 costumes for the dance recital coming up in May. The theme is “around the world” so I’m making some Genie pants, togas, capes, and little red white and blue hip hop jumpers. I have no excuse not to get a good portion of the costumes done now. Before I would have to haul out my sewing machine, set it up on a rickety folding table, sew, and then have to pack it all up again. But now, I have a sewing area!


Sewing area

Sewing area


Rob will use the space, for studying if I’m not using it so it’s a dual purpose area. I told Rob what I was looking for and he picked out what you see in the photo when we were at IKEA last weekend. I’m really not that needy, these were my specs: Desk area small enough to fit in the space but has enough room to sprawl out and leave my sewing machine up at all times, storage, light, and pretty to look at. I think Rob did great with the use of red on the desk legs and the shelving unit on the wall.


Go Rob.


So, that’s my new sewing area, for now. I’ll be adding little details here and there so it’s not so “IKEA” looking, even though it is. OH! I also plan to find a chair to redo. I’ll show photos when I find one worthy of my space.


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