In the left corner of the ring we have “the dentist”….in the right, “the optometrist” who will win?

If I was a betting girl, I’d put my money down on the optometrist. Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and today I had a vision appointment. If you compare the two appointments, I was poked at and prodded longer at the dentist, and today I had to sit on a little chair putting my head up to a torture machine all the while keeping my eyes open to have a puff of air shot into my eye. So what’s worse? When the dental hygienist asks lots of questions and you can’t answer because both her hands are in your mouth or sitting comfortably in a dimmed room reciting letters off the wall? I will admit I’m a big baby when it comes to the glaucoma test, but knowing my reward at the end is to pick out a brand new pair of shiny glasses is totally worth it. Yesterday I walked out with no cavities (yay!) and a toothbrush. Today, well actually in 10 days, I’ll have a brand new pair of glasses.

The Optometrist wins, hands down…

my new specs

my new specs

Those are the new frames, what do you think?

This was the first time I went to a dentist and optomitrist as a “big girl” using my own insurance, making my own appoitments, and choosing where to go. I was always on my parents insurance , gone to the same dentist and optomitrist since I was born.  I would make those neccessary appoitments when I would visit home.  Now that I’m no longer on theirs and haven’t lived in southwest MI for a couple years I thought I should find some people across the lake I could trust with my body.


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  1. My problem with picking frames AFTER the exam is that my eyes are all blurry and dilated. I look and act like a zombie fumbling with the display rack as half of the frames fall on the floor. And I always seem to go on a sunny day so I feel like a vampire – unable to stand the sunlight blinding me – oh no! – my mother always said I would go blind if I in kept on doing…. Well, anyway, after the opthamalyattendant tells me I look great in the Elton John-style diamond-encrusted over-size frames, I scribble my name on the charge slip that I can’t read and stumble out the door – and head to the dentist!

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