Set up.

TV love.

TV love.

This is my new living room set up.  I had a really ugly TV stand that could hold all the electronics, they key word there being ugly.  I love my white stand.  It’s clean and has a bit of detailing that makes it unique. Unfortunately, that’s all it has going for it, can’t hold the stereo system, the xbox, dvd player or the satellite receiver.   I rescued it from a thrift store, sanded it down and repainted it.  I’m still looking for the perfect handles, Anthropologie has a few that I like, just not a huge fan of the price, so these will do for now.

I finally said, enough is enough.  I’m tired of looking at the ugly hand me down tv stand…I’ll put up shelves! Robbie kindly installed the shelf you see in the photo after fighting with the apartment quality wall.  I think it looks great! I put the remaining curtain under the shelf to hide the 10 million cords that come with technology.

It’s been a Harry Potter weekend/week on my new set up.  I’m in love with Hogwarts.


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