Costumes Queue.

sewing genie pants

sewing genie pants

Costumes to sew…

  • 8 Togas
  • 12 Genie Pants
  • 8 dress capes
  • 2 hip-hop outfits
  • hand symbol elastics
  • toreador cape
  • 16 mesh masks

HOLY MOLY! What did I get myself into? Thankfully, from that  list I get to cross off the following…

  • 8 Togas (4 done)
  • 12 Genie Pants (YAY!!!!)
  • 8 dress capes (halfway done!)
  • 2 hip-hop outfits-(waiting on the samples to  come in…tick tock, tick tock)
  • hand symbol elastics (this will take an hour all together I think, its my goal to get these done by Thursday)
  • toreador cape (goal to get done by Thursday)
  • 16 mesh masks (this will probably be the last on my list to do…to be honest.

Looks like I have a lot more on my sewing queue that I had thought.  I should have written this down earlier… Next week will be great, the kids are on Spring Break so I don’t have dance after work and can sew sew sew! I will also need to find some time to choreograph my solo…hopefully that will happen before May 15th, the day before the show.

I do want to give a shout out to my Mother, for helping me sew the genie pants, on her birthday! I’m so lucky!


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