work work.


Since I spend, like many of you,  40 plus hours at my work desk.   I think it’s important to have a little “personailty” at your desk.  When I first started here I only had the photo of  Rob and I up.  Over the past 8 months I’ve accumulated a few extra details.

desk items

desk items

The pine box, I mosaiced with a colorful plate I smased up, and  grouted with a sand color.  It holds my handwarmers, bobbypins, chapstick, and headphones.  Then I have a pretty little paper note holder.  I’m not a huge fan of sticky notes.   Then there is my beautiful coaster from Anthropologie.  I gave my mom 3 for her garden house and i kept 5 for my apartment and at work.  It’s made with little beads, and adds a little elegance to my desk, I think anyway.

I left out my PC at work  in the photo but it sits up above my little treasures, …I’m an Apple girl :) at home.


I got a cute card today from my new friend, Katie! It will be a new addition to my desk, I’m a sucker for anything Meiko!

boston terrier love.

boston terrier love.

The little stuffed animal is a boston terrier. Its from a happy meal when the movie Hotel for Dogs came out.  I put a name tag on it and Meiko is always sitting with me….you can call it lame, but I think it’s cute.


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