Spring semester 2007, my last semester as a college student, I was presented a fantastic opportunity.  I lived in the heart of downtown Chicago, with two other giggly girls in a one bedroom apartment where were each had a specified internship 4 days a week and classes one day a week, with social/cultural events mixed in on the nights and weekends. We all came from different schools that offered a program called, Chicago Semester. Go figure.

My internship was with the Museum of Contemporary Art in the marketing department.  I worked with five really great ladies in the department along with the helpful rest of the staff at the museum. It was exciting to, among other duties, help plan and execute the monthly “First Fridays” party with a live DJ, appetizers, an up and coming Chicago artist, to surround a theme….When I was an intern the themes were inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins, February was Lust, March was Envy, etc.



Along with the fun events, I of course had to send out fliers and brochures like every other intern in the world…but how many people get to say they interned at a super cool museum? I’m so glad I experienced living in Chicago and working at the Museum for that semester, but I’ll stick with a smaller/big city, with Rob and Meiko. It’s just hard to believe it’s been 2 whole years since that photo was taken….


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  1. Seems like yesterday. Ohhhhhhhh how time flyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!!!!!! I think you should have been been swinging from the chandelier!!!

  2. That was a fast 2 years! What a great experience … your parents must be awesome for giving you that opportunity! :)

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