Thing 1 and Thing 2


I can only imagine what my parents went through having twins running around 24/7. Our nicknames? Thing 1 and Thing 2…I have a feeling they just didn’t stop moving until we graduated and moved to different states. For 20+ years their lives were a blur.

This weekend, my parents will have four 20somethings and one Boston Terror to entertain and contain at their lake house. My sister and Karrisa will be coming from Vail, to do some landscaping on my parents yard.  While Rob, Meiko, and I will make the drive to see them, let Meiko play with Jack, and to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. Plus, who doesn’t love to “come home, again?”

MacKenzie and BrieLynn

MacKenzie and BrieLynn

“In this box are two things

I will show to you now.

You will like these two things”,

Said the cat with a bow…

“Two things. And I call them

Thing One and Thing Two.

These Things will not bite you.

They want to have fun.”

Then, out of the box

Came Thing Two and Thing One.

-Dr. Seuss

Good luck parents…we’re coming baaaaack.


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