the break up.


It’s time. We’ve had great times together but my needs aren’t satisfied any longer. I don’t feel safe or happy in this relationship.

Little Blue, we’re breaking up.

1st day of Little Blue

1st day of Little Blue

Currently looking for a “new”  used car.  It’s quite depressing actually.  I have expectations and qualities I want in a car such as,

  • it runs
  • is an automatic SUV (I like to sit up high to see whats going on)
  • is under $14k
  • has less than 60k miles on it
  • a 2005 or greater year model
  • isn’t a kia

(all normal right?)

I’d really like a Honda Element-too bad they hold they value and are above my price range. If we’re talking my dream car on any budget I’d like a Range Rover please. Any tips on talking the car dealers down on price? Or tips on getting the dealers to trade in Little Blue for how much I still owe on her even though she’s not worth it?!

Little Blue really is a great little car. I love that I can crank the seat up really high so I feel like I’m in a SUV.  I love the sun roof, I love the sound system, and many other features, but I don’t love fixes her issues.  It seems as though every month I’m spending an additional $400+  on repairs.  Let the search begin…


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  1. Get a Fusion — I got my 2006 with 22k miles on it for $13k…and that was in October. It has better reviews and reliability than Hondas! Think about it! :)

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