My Super Sweet, 24.


Sunday I turned 24 years old.

It was a pretty low key day consisting of grocery shopping, walking Meiko, playing tennis with Robbie, and sewing.  I think it was the first year I said “no big hoopla for me this year” and actually meant it.  It was quite nice not expecting a big bash, with lots of friends, gifts, and drinks.  Instead, I was able to spend the day with my wonderful boyfriend being happy and productive without anywhere to be but with each other.  Perfect.

I did get a few fantastic gifts, such as a new pair of pointe shoes from my parents…hopefully (from what I hear anyway) they’ll last longer than a month…plus they are beautiful. Shiny new pointe shoes would make any girl happy, right? My Grandmother thoughtfully got me a sidewinder.  Its for sewing,  it pretty much threads the bobbin quickly.  From Meiko I received 24 million kisses and from Robbie, this awesome SIGG water bottle. I’ve already today had more water than I did all last week!

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me

Once I figure out how to put a video clip up here, I’ll show you a highlight of my 7th bithday…you won’t want to miss it!


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