Is that a light?


I see it, there it is, the light at the end of the tunnel of my sewing project.

Thats the light!

Thats the light!

Remember my list?

  • 9 Togas
  • 12 Genie Pants
  • 8 dress capes
  • 2 hip-hop outfits
  • hand symbol elastics
  • toreador cape
  • 16 mesh masks
  • my sari

From that List I have two projects left, which I’m determined to finish tonight.

  • 1 tank top for the hip-hop costume
  • 1 Genie Pant because the little girl grew 2 inches in height since I had sewn them

All with a week and a half left to spare until the recital.

Go ahead, I’ll take high fives, thumbs up, pats on the back, “way to go’s”, etc. I’m proud of myself.  I’m pleasantly surprised with the skills I didn’t know I had.  A big THANK YOU to my mom, over at ClarindaCottage, who helped sew the Genie Pants.

I’ll share photos of all the costumes I made after the recital on the 16th and 17th.


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  1. I think this was just one of the many talents that you have that you didn’t know you had! Big job …. huge kudos!!

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