Done and Done.


Thursday May 7th goes down in history as a great day.

I have all sewing projects completed. (WAHOOOOOOO!)


The stress of purchasing a car is off of me.  On Monday, after my weekend visit to Kalamazoo to get the Title of “Little Blue” I’ll hand it over to Zimbrick. In turn they’ll hand me keys to a Hyundai Tucson.  I never thought that would be the car for me, however it meets all my requirements and more!

Because I’m in a list kind of mood…

  • it runs (check yes)
  • is an automatic SUV (I like to sit up high to see whats going on) (check yes)
  • is under $14k (check yes-yes)
  • has less than 60k miles on it (check yes! only 40k)
  • a 2005 or greater year model (check yes)
  • isn’t a kia (check yes)
  • has seat warmers
  • sunroof
  • automatic starter
  • brand new tires
  • a great warranty
  • I didn’t feel pressured or talked into this car, it was a real pleasant experience.  I take back the post titled “simple math” I wrote that in furry about the last dealership I was working with.  I have nothing but kind words to say about the dealership I worked with this past week to make this happen.

So, there’s that. I guess I have time again to do whatever it is I do.


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