Performing in 5 dances, three ballet-one lyrical-one hip hop, with bruised toe nails, swollen feet, and an exhausted body later–I’d say it was a successful recital weekend.
my flowers!

my flowers!

I’m so apprecative of the all the people who came to watch! Thanks to all who sat through the show.  It really means a lot to me.  Much love to my mom who made the 5+ hour drive to repay her dues for missing a few recitals when I was a little girl.  I think her debts are  all taken care of.  

soaking feet.

soaking feet.

I toted in my pan from home to have an ice bath for my feet in, before and after each show…I’ve never had such sore feet like this before.  I’m not going to post a close up photo of my big toes, it’s not a pretty sight.


jai ho costumes

jai ho costumes

My solo turned into a quartet, which was fine by me.  My creative juices weren’t flowing and it turns our choreographing with three others is amazingly fast.  We started on Tuesday and finished Friday afternoon, just in time for the big show on Saturday and Sunday.  In addition to choreographing I had three more costumes to make (for the quartet) and altering of the bazillion costumes I made, not to mention  two dress rehearsals making for one busy week.  I’ll have photos soon of all the costumes I created.  For now, it’s time to rest and prepare for the next recital…in August.


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