New table.


When my mom came up a couple weekends ago for my dance recital, she took back happy memories and my kitchen table.  To be fair, she did say she wanted it back, eventually.  She gave it to me two years ago when I moved into my tiny little studio apartment and has since traveled to the three additional apartments I’ve moved to…I think it’s time to stop moving! Anyways, she said she wanted it back for her front porch, where she has tons of furniture already but no table.  Just like that it was in her car making its way back to southwest Michigan.   Ideally I would’ve liked to have purchased a used one and fix it up.  After 5 thrift stores, 2 furniture stores and 1 garage sale on Saturday with no luck I got in my car and drove the 2 hours to IKEA, where I found this little lovely piece.

new table

new table

The criteria for my table included it to be, small, white, small, small, and small.  I don’t have a dining room or for that matter much room between the kitchen wall and the living room.  The table is shown with both side up, if I’m feeling over crowded I can fold one half down,  so this little beauty is just perfect, plus it’s small and white.

I have two chairs like the one pictured, that I painted and reupholstered from an ugly brown flower fabric. The second one sits in the basement until I feel like fixing the seat the fell out!  I do like the yellow stool.  It adds a little  informal touch to the dining area.


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