my new friend.


Let me introduce you to my new friend.

The house turned apartment that I live in is located between two lakes.  We all know that with standing water comes bugs and where bugs play spiders stay. When dusk enters every night the spiders make their way out of every crevice of the roof, under the porch, etc. to get ready for the feast.  Each spider has the same location every night.  This particulary extra large one likes right by my kitchen table where the light shines, attracting the bugs.

mr. spider

mr. spider

As you can see from the photo this 8 legged creepy crawler is about 3/4 of the size of my index finger…you don’t have to look too close to find there are more in the background.  I went around to each window to count how many spiders there were, at each window I counted at least 20.  Apparently the spiders will be washed away by my landlord as soon as he finds a hose long enough, until then at least I won’t have any bug bites!


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