workin’ like a dog.


I don’t know if Meiko would consider this a treat or a torture, she came to work with me today.

meiko working.

meiko working.

Last night she decided a great chew toy would be my pepper spray bottle that fell on the ground after the hook fell off the wall.  Turns out, it wasn’t such a great idea.  I had no idea what she had gotten into at the time.  I looked over and she is sneezing, licking her face constantly, her face is all red, and she won’t let me open her mouth….I thought maybe she chased a bee or spider and ate it.  After a few minutes of hysteria I looked around the apartment and found the pepper spray bottle chewed apart.

She probably could have stayed home today, since dogs aren’t allowed by the landlord for the office building, but I wanted to make sure she was comfortable and not alone in her crate all day. Spoiled, I think so.


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  1. Better safe than sorry!

    Probably a good idea to just observe her today … most likely she’s fine but like I said, better safe than sorry!

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