I turn my camera on.


A couple weeks ago when I was back in the ‘Zoo visiting with the best photographers ever, YourGameFace.  They were showing me some cool photos they took and I was curious to know what they had done in Photoshop to make their images look so great.   They sure fooled me!  There is actually a really awesome application for your iPhone, called CameraBag.  For $1.99 you can put a choice filter on a photo you took with you iPhone or photo you’ve uploaded to your phone from your camera.



The photo above is the before photo taken with my phone of Meiko laying on the sofa Saturday afternoon looking at me like I need to get a life and stop taking photos of her.  I’m baffled by how she is comfortable in that position. Just look at her front left leg…



Here is the after.  The filter I used is called Helga, other filters include a fisheye lens, black and white, 1962,1974, magazine, etc.  There is no limit as to how many filters you want to overlay each other.  I didn’t do anything except import this image into my application and choose a filter, no cropping, no changing levels, nothing.  Now you know my secret to great photos….starting now, I turn my camera on.


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  1. There you are penny!!! I missed you!!! Do some pictures of you and your favorite sister with the filters :) and send them along.

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