dresses for the ‘maids.


From day one I wanted my three bridesmaids(my sister, and two future sister in laws) each in their own color, green, pink, and yellow. So  originally I had them in this dress.

Dress Number One.

Dress Number One.

I thought they would be perfect, they even had little pockets. We then changed the dress to the style below because it had straps.  That way my ‘maids could dance their little hearts out without worrying about flashing the guests.

Dress Number 2.

Dress Number 2.

I really didn’t looove the dress, but my sister felt more comfortable in it because of the straps.  I thought both were rather plain and since they’re from Davids Bridal I felt that tons of other weddings would look like mine.  Let’s be honest, every bride wants to have a unique wedding and I’m no exception. The thought of having the dresses from DB was appealing because almost any good sized city has a store, the girls could easily go in try the dresses on and badaboom – badabing bridesmaid dress and they’re on their way without much effort. :)

I’ve been on a rampage of Internet searching for the perfect dress. I wanted the girls in a fun and flirty little number that would incorporate my three colors all together. Something that had a nice skirtpart and had full straps. I didn’t think that was a lot to ask for?!  Well, after searching high and low I found the dress for my ‘maids at Anthropologie.com.  I then went with my friend Frances to the local Anthropologie store to see how the dresses looked in person, and what do you know, they were PERFECT!  They will all be wearing the same color dress but will have their own color sash.  A nice way to incorporate my colors without going overboard.  You’ll have to wait to see what the dresses look like until after the wedding in June. They are just too cute to display right now.  :)


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