I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there that is more conscious of where my money is going.  I’ve changed my light bulbs to the new compact florescent bulbs, been aware of the air conditioner/heater running and made sure I’m only washing clothing that is dirty.  Guess what, now I can even save money when I flush my toilet!

This amazing little mechanism was really easy to install. I’m no plumber, One2Flush really made this installation process fool proof.  There’s instruction photos on the box, a list of step by step instructions, AND this  YouTube Video for  visual step by step instructions. When I see a list of instructions I tend to put that project on the back burner so I’m really glad there was a video.  The packaging also puts photos of the exact tools I needed, again, much better than a list of tool names. I would  suggest an entire roll of paper towel, spray cleaner, and gloves if you have a 25+ year old toilet, like I do.  It’s pretty icky in the tank!

draining the tank

draining the remaining water in the tank with a sponge--don't you like my gloves?

The hardest part for me was step 3.  You have to “remove the old seal, unscrew the large nut at base of old valve.” The plumber screwed mine on really tight, so tight that I had to make a quick run to the hardware store for a new channel lock wrench because the one I had didn’t have enough teeth (grip) to it.  This step takes a little more elbow grease than anticipated, however; after I got that last piece out of the tank it was smooth sailing for installation. As you can see, the 25+ year old toilet had some icky residue.

goodbye grossness--these were the parts from my porcelain throne

goodbye grossness--these were the parts from inside my porcelain throne

Here is my One2Flush installed, I have a clean tank now. :) My total installation time of the One2Flush was about 5 minutes.  It took longer to disassemble, clean my nasty tank, and remove the old crumbling parts than expected, but my toilet is ancient and clearly hasn’t had the inside cleaned since 1985.

this is what's inside the tank

this is what's inside the tank now

Notice, in the photo below, the nice little stickers above the flush handle that were included to help educate my guests when they need to “go.” All they’ll need to do (as stated in the display card also given to me) is push the handle one way for “one,” the other way for the “other.”

Happy Toilet.

Happy Toilet.

With the One2Flush, I’ll be saving at least 420 gallons of water a month!!!  Before, I was flushing 3.5 gallons every time I went to the bathroom.  Now, I flush about 1.5 gallons when I go #1, and about 3 gallons when I go #2. I’m saving water and I’m no longer flushing money down the toilet…pun intended.

You can save money and water, too. Click Here!


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  1. AHHHH Jesse has installed our 1.2. flush and I am so happy for it!! Although I have not seen the h2o bill yet. in a few months we will know the glorious wonder that is the 1.2. flush :)

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