an upgrade to the chapel.


As much as I’d like to keep our wonderful engagement photos up as the main post, I must move on.

Remember this post? Well, there have been many changes in the wedding plans.   We will now be getting married in the beautiful cathedral of St. Augustine in Kalamazoo.   Our “small” wedding has out grown  Bukowski Chapel at Aquinas College.  While getting married on the Campus where we met was really important to us, we chose having family and friends be there with us was more important.  I must admit I’m excited about being able to walk more than 5 steps down the aisle towards the man I’m about to marry!

Take a look at this beauty!!


St. Augustine-photo by the diocese

and… the insidest. augustine inside



There are other changes, one post at a time friends, one post at a time.


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  1. It’s beautiful, Brie, and I look forward to watching your Dad walking you down to my son. He will escort you to your new life and you know how happy I am to have you as a daughter. Ilove the two of you so very much.

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