Happy Howl-Ween!


You should really feel bad for Meiko for a few reasons…

1. Rob and I torture Meiko by dressing her up, and by “Rob and I”–I really mean, I dress her up.

2. We (I) dressed Meiko up for Halloween, again.

3. Our big plans of dressing Meiko up as a shark this year fell short. We are on a tight budget, you know, since we’re getting married.  Leaving Meiko to wear  her costume from last year instead of getting a new one.

4. She still doesn’t like being a bee, as you can see.


Beeeeee happy Meeks!



I wonder if next  year she’ll like the bee costume.  The third time’s a charm, right?  If I was a betting woman, I would say the chances of that are slim to none.


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