wednesday night vandal.


I learned an expensive lesson.

Thursdays I have morning meetings outside the office so I was eager to get to my meetings and get the day started.  When approaching my car I saw a lot of glass on the ground.  I then found that a cinder-block sitting on my passenger seat from being thrown in threw the driver side window.  In panic, I realized I didn’t have my purse in my bag and it wasn’t in my apartment,  I had forgotten it in my car the night before, it was stolen.  As far as cash is concerend I normally only carry a $2 bill my Grandmother gave me a few holidays ago. I keep it around and think of her every time I get out my wallet, you can use debit cards for just about everything.  The only items of value that were stolen included, my purse (a purse I’ve wanted for a really long time that “Santa” got for me last year) and everything  inside it.  Nothing else was taken, not the Garmin, not the ipod accessories, just the purse.

Here is a photo of how my day started…


on my way to the car

The building my parking space is next to is a little garage to the neighbors house…I hate the fact that people can walk through there, though, it’s not a high traffic area.


lack of a window

Apparently, as I was told by the police officer, cinder-blocks are too “porous” to get finger prints off so we can’t find the person who did it by that way investigation.


the cinder-block

As the cinder-block made it’s way to the passenger seat it ripped a big gash out of the driver seat and marked up the doors with scratches.


drivers side

The good news about this story is, I got my purse back.  The police called me yesterday around 2pm letting me know they had my purse.  Some lady was getting gas, emptied her trash from her car and found my purse in the garbage can. The people who did this, were only looking for cash, everything was still in contact, with the only thing missing–my $2 bill. My purse now sports a circle of ash from whatever they were smoking, but I’m glad to have it back.

Here’s my advice.

  1. don’t leave your purse in your car. ever.
  2. don’t vandalize other persons property.
  3. don’t steal, it’s not nice, and it’s not fair to the person you vandalized and stole from, with deductibles, hours missed from work, and fees for replacing cards, it gets expensive.

With a grand total of $2100 worth of damage…I sure hope the $2 bill was worth it.


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