Project Wedding.


When Rob and I first got engaged I was anti wedding website.  I thought it was just one more thing for the bride to be to worry about, guests will get invitations they’ll have everything they need to know…why bog them down with

Turns out…wedding websites are actually pretty helpful.  With everyone so busy, it’s nice to to give fair warning and to help guests with hotel accommodations.  Unless you are our close family or went to college with us, you wouldn’t know how we met or who our wedding party is.

wedding website

I didn’t really search around for sites to use but my friend Stephanie did! Stephhas the same job as I do ANNNNNNND is getting married the same day as me, but in Iowa! It’s fun to keep track with each other of what we’re up with wedding plans as well as what we’re working on at work.  She had done research on which site to use, made a projectwedding site, so I thought I should, too. Thanks for all your hard work Steph!

Here is our site! Take a look! Hope it helps with planning :)


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