oh, yum!


Back in October when MacKenzie and Karrisa were in MI, they introduced me to a yummy treat. I’m here to share this treat to you!

Who here likes caramel apples? Who here likes apple cider? Who here likes whipped cream? me. me. and me. If you’re like me and enjoy all three, here is the perfect fall treat!

First take an empty mug, or mugs if you’re being generous and sharing. I chose to use my Orla Kiely mugs that were a specailty collection item at Target a few months back.


mugs (i'm sharing)

Next, pour in some fresh apple cider, pop in the microwave for about 4 minutes. I’m sure you could boil water and add in mulling spices, but I’ll choose the simple way, thanks!

apple cider

apple cider

Now for the best part! Top it all off with some whipped cream and caramel drizzle! There you have it, an instant liquid caramel apple.

oh, yum!

ENJOY!! Make sure you thank MacKenzie and Karrisa for this delicious treat they shared with me.


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  1. Sounds delish! Thanks for sharing! ;)

    And thanks for the blog comment on Blissful. I didn’t realize that you are blogging, too – how fun! You and Rob make such a cute couple and I’m so excited for your wedding. You will make a beautiful bride! Best wishes, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon in the “blog-o-sphere.”

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