Smell this.


What is my favorite smell? Lavender? No. Cinnamon Buns? Yummy but, no.  Meikos breath? Absolutly not.  The smell I love is…..snow!

( I know I've used this photo before--but it's so cute)

Today I smelled and saw my first snowfall of the year.  It’s a refreshing scent and look to the area.  I love it, it’s beautiful and clean!  People in the area are already complaining about the weather…don’t they realize they live in the Midwest, where it snows? Their “bah-humbug” spirits about the weather wont get me down though, I’m embracing the winter this year, especially since I don’t have to get in a cold car this winter!  The Tucson has an automatic car starter, lucky me!

Having the snow fall tonight was so great, it’s finally starting to feel like winter and the holiday season.  Robbie, Meiko, and I start our trek out west in 2 weeks to spend Christmas with MacKenzie and Karrisa.


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