safe travels.


In a little over one week Rob, Meiko, and I will be making the 17 hour drive out west to spend Christmas with two of my favorite people; MacKenzie and Karrisa.

karrisa and mackenzie-they're cool

I haven’t worried about what I’ll need for the trip but Meiko is almost all packed. We’ve got her booties ready, plenty of sweaters and jackets, a portable crate (thanks to Jessica!),  and a harness.  Now, this harness is not just any harness.  This harness was created with lots of love and saved us lots of money.  Here is a photo of what inspired us for a little DIY,  from this catalog website!

catalog- harness

The reason we need this harness is for Meikos tendency to want to be anywhere we are.  We worry about her leaping out of the car when we stop along the way, especially in the mountains.  More dogs are lost while on vacation and we don’t want Meiko to be apart of the statistic.  The harness is nice because she can’t get tangled in it, she still has the option of which seat she’d like to curl up in a little ball and sleep in, and she can’t slip out of the car.

meikos harness, without meiko

While we’re willing to spend any amount on Meikos safety, $41 seemed a little hefty for a glorified zip line.  If you break down the components to this zip line, you basically  have a few carabiners, a harness, and two leashes.  With the exception of the heavy duty carabiners, we had all the tools to create the zip line for less than $8. She has a nice seat cover, too.  It should keep her precious little body nice and cozy on the drive since there are no seat heaters in the back seats ;)

I know ours looks very DIY but Meiko will be safe and we can use the difference to get her a few more bones for the trip. Here’s to safe travels!


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