On Tuesday night Madison received 18 inches of perfect white snow.  It was so quiet on Tuesday night from the city going into hibernation I thought I could hear the snow fall…Wednesday morning came and the city was still silent.  Schools had a snow day, the malls shut down, the University shut down, and even I had an adult snow day from work! I think the only people who went into work were those who drove the snowplows.

quiet snow

Meiko loved her first blizzard.  She jumped through the snow like a little snow bunny–though, she didn’t really have a choice, it was either, jump or be left behind, so she jumped through the snow banks.

Snowball Meiko

Having this snowday was really beneficial, I was able to tone up my arms by shoveling for two hours and make sure my snow pants fit for our trip out west in a week–and they do!

me and meiko in the snow

I have to thank Jane (!) for mentioning in her blog that the falling snow was a feature for all WordPress bloggers.   I  investigated the setting and now for your enjoyment, I bring you…..snow falling from my blog top, well at least until January 4th! Enjoy this fake snow as much as I love the real snow :)


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