Toodaloo ’09


I’m thrilled to be welcoming in 2010; though, some pretty great milestones happened in 2009 that I’m so thankful to have been apart of and I’d like to share.


Celebrated Rob turning a quarter of a century..

Burnt just about every single meal I tried to make in the oven…I think it’s broken, I can’t be THAT bad of a cook!

Took a private jetto Vail.

Watched Meiko chase Jack around my parents yard.

Still love Meiko kisses.

Sewed a million and one dance costumes.

Traded in my Michigan drivers license for a WI one.

Traded in Little Blue for the Tucson.

Performed in a May, August, and December dance performance.

Enjoyed watching the little girls I teach dance on stage.

Stood up as a bridesmaid for the wonderful Jessica and Steve Westbrooks wedding.

Jessica's beautiful bridal party 9/19/09

Attended the beautiful Natalie and Jesse Adkins wedding.

Natalie's in the White ;)

Attended Robs cousin,  Jamie and Tom Weibel wedding.

Took a road trip to visit my friend Stacy.

Spent many wonderful Wednesday nights with Ada and Frances.


Enjoyed ice skating in a park across the street.

Made some great new friends,and cherished current friendship

Purchased Meiko winter booties for her precious paws.

Installed my One2Flush—seriously if I can do it, anyone can!

Spent many weekends on the road to MI visiting family and friends.

Treasured the time spent with my awesomely awesome sister.

Macker and Me

Shopped  Black Friday with my amazing Grandmother.

Oh yea…

And I got ENGAGEDto a wonderful man and my best friend, so I’ve done a lot of wedding planning, too!

toodaloo, '09

Bring on 2010–there are so many memories I can’t wait to have!


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  1. You had a big amazing year. I hope 2010 is bigger, better and brighter for you. congrats on your engagement and up coming wedding! Always remember, it’s about the MARRIAGE not the WEDDING!

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