A Better Me!


I’ve made a few rules for me, to be a better me.

The first, stop crossing my legs.  Look around, EVERYONE crosses their legs, it’s something that just comes second nature to us.  I was talking with one of my 6 year old ballerinas and she even was crossing her legs! It’s unhealthy to have my body sitting uneven like that.  I already have poor circulation in my legs so this should help with that as well, not to mention I’d like to have varicose vein free legs when I’m fifty! There is no reason to cross my legs, when I can sit like in Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, by crossing my ankles–I’ll try to not fall out of my chair when I do it.

Resting my head in my hand is something I’d like to cross off my annoying habits list.  I do it without even knowing it.  Not only is it rude, it looks unattractive, and I’m stretching the skin on my face.  I’d like to avoid a wrinkly face, wouldn’t you?  I’m also hoping that by not allowing myself to rest my head on my hands I’ll have better posture and my face won’t break out as much!

The third rule, for a better (healthier) me, would be to start eating breakfast on a regular basis.  This should help to jump start my metabolism and boost my energy in the mornings!

For those readers that see me–if I sit with my legs crossed or put my head in my hand please tell me to knock it off.  I’m serious. Here’s to a better me!

already looking better!


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