I last left you, with the goal of a better me.

In the month and a half that I haven’t posted, I sure have become a (busy) better me.  Here’s why…

I started a new job in the middle of January and let me tell you, I am so happy with this move.  I work with such caring people and it really shows in the end product.  It’s amazing when a company works together to get the client the best of everything a company can do.  So, (as a little plug) if you ever need anything printed please let me know, I know someone who can help you!

Along with the change in job, I have intensified my workouts allowing me to have lost 8 lbs (DID YOU READ THAT?! 8!!) in the last month.  On Mondays I take a group strength class, Tuesdays I join in the cardio class, Fri-Sunday I head to the cardio and weight room.  I’m really starting to enjoy my workout regime and seeing results sure is keeping me motivated.

A few goals I set as a mild “new me” were to not cross my legs and to start eating breakfast.  The first three weeks on not crossing my legs was really difficult, I found myself sitting there not realizing my legs were crossed. While I haven’t completely stopped crossing my legs, I am getting much better at not crossing them.   The only thing holding me back from eating breakfast every morning…is my alarm clock. Must. Get. Up. Earlier!

Well, there’s that. I am a better me and I will strive to continue to become an even better, better me.

I’ll leave you with this photo…I’m throwing a tater tot across a pond at Aquinas.

tot tossing.


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  1. Happy to hear that you’re so happy with your new job – sounds great! And – FYI – super jealous of your weight loss – that’s just awesome! You will definitely be one of my inspirations after I have baby Patton. Your photo makes me miss AQ… :(

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