In spirit of the Winter Olympics I wanted to share a cute little story regarding downhill ski racing.

When I was in High School my sister and I helped a few other classmates start our varsity downhill ski racing team, an accomplishment I’m pretty proud of. By senior year we all had speed suits and mine was pretty unique and outside the trend.

me (left) and mac (right)

See, everyone had suits made by Spyder, so the designs were of spider webs all over the suits (like macs above)…mine, looked like a splatter painted race car flag.  My mom purchased mine off  of ebay from an Olympian though!! At the time it was definitely not cool because everyone had a spyder suit, but now it’s pretty trendy with it’s bright colors and the fact that it was an Olympians! My parents could always tell I was coming down the hill with it’s boldness.


Once I graduated I sold it to my teammate, who had three great years with it and it looks like she sold it onto another fellow ski racer.  I’m glad to see it’s still circulating within the wildcats. My mom sent me this photo from the newspaper the other day, her email title, “look familiar?”

new racer.


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