Heart Day, Love.


My Valentine, Rob is a sweet-sweet man.  We’ve never done anything for the Halmark holiday in the past 4 years and this year we decided to stick with tradition, or so I thought.  The Thursday before he surprised me with a cute little box, I guess he was just too excited to wait until Sunday…and that’s just fine with me!!

Inside the box were the amazing David Bacco Chocolates!


Rob was able to choose 4 chocolates he thought I’d love best, aren’t they pretty?! He chose- Saffron Truffle, Peppermint, Tahitian Vanilla, and a Milk Chocolate Silk, I really loved the peppermint one.

David Bacco Chocolates

By the way, cards don’t count as presents but I just think Valentines Day cards, are adorable.

This was last years card I got Rob–the inside says “Iguana love you forever” AWWWWW!

iguana love.

This year…the inside says “I’m so glad I found you.”

space love.

I’m so happy Rob got me some beautiful and delicious chocolates. As much as we ladies out there say we don’t want anything for Valentines Day, we lie.   :)


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