Luck O’ The Irish!


I just know today is going to be a good one.

My Grandfather is having his hip replaced today, St. Patrick’s Day of all days.  For those of you that don’t know my Grandfather, there couldn’t be a better day to have surgery.  I don’t think there has ever been a day I have seen him not wear green…my Grandparents live on Shamrock lane… and if you know our last name, it’s fitting that he has the Luck of the Irish on this day.


To a speedy recovery Grandfather! I’ll save a jig for you on June 19th!


2 responses »

  1. Oh so true my little leprechaun!

    He’s out of surgery and they will have him up walking (no jigs yet) today …. yikes!!!

    I did send him a “kiss me I’m Irish” shot glass for his meds :)

  2. I agree. This is the best day for him to have surgery. Here’s to a speedy recovery and I will do a jig with you in June!!

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