i’ll party, rob can work.


This past weekend was my first bridal shower.  It was so nice to see the majority of Rob’s family if not for the first time, again.  We played a cute little game, ate delicious food, and then opened presents!  It’s definitely odd sitting there opening presents in front of 20 faces…I do love being center of attention but this was a little different.  Rob’s Aunts really did a great job planning the event!


opening some fiestaware!

While I was opening presents, Rob and my dad were busy building a fence…


fencing up.

The weekend previous, my friends Ada and Frances threw me a fabulous Hennette Party.  It’s a combination of a Hens night and a Stagette —a bachelorette party in Canada, where Ada and New Zealand, where Frances is from.  We had so much fun! A few games were played and then we hit the town.  I’m so glad all my Madison friends were able to come out and even one of my Kzoo friends came to visit! A great surprise!

a few friends of the night

out on the town

at the end of the night…

we lasted the whole night.

The next day, while I wrote out “thank yous” Rob built himself a bike rack to fix his bike.

bike fixing.

It’s been a really fun couple weeks-two months from today is the big day! As much fun wedding planning is, I just can’t wait to enjoy being married to Robear!


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