A Better Me Indeed!


Remember the post I wrote in the beginning of the year saying  it\’s time for a better me oh yea, I’m getting there!   Today I hopped on the scale after my box blast class and who’s 14 lbs lighter? ME!

Just to show off my hard work, here are two photos of me in a bridesmaid dress I’ll be wearing in August. The dress will be in black but the store didn’t have a sample size in that color.  Here was my first trip at the end of January…

the before photo

the before photo

and here is a photo of me in the dress size that I ordered on Friday… 2 WHOLE DRESS SIZES SMALLER!!!

the after photo

I didn’t really have a target goal weight because I just want to be healthier in general.

So, what have I done? Well… I’ve stuck with a good workout plan and have been eating healthier…while still enjoying an ice cream cone or shake every once in a while!

During the semester I would kick start my week by attending the group strength class on Monday nights—I absolutely loooooove this class, we start the hour long class with a quick warm up and then used free weights while doing squats, lunges, chest presses, etc. it is a total workout.  The rest of the week I would hit the cardio room and then use the skills I learned in group strength in the weight room.  If I wasn’t able to make it to group strength (I only missed 3!) I wouldn’t be as diligent to my workout regime or eating habits….so it paid to start my week out with my class.

Now that it’s summer, the class schedule has changed so now I take a class called Box Blast on Monday nights and since the dance studio is on break until the very end of June I’m able to make it to a few more workout classes during the week. I fully plan on continuing these classes and my life style of being a better me after the wedding.

For the next 3.5 weeks, I really can’t lose any more weight otherwise my pretty white dress won’t fit!  So, for now, I just want to continue to tone my arms.  :)


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