join the party.


Fortunately I’m able to workout at the University  for a really low cost compared to local gyms, thanks to Rob being a PhD. candidate at the University…we’re talking $13 a month cheap, gotta love spouse perks! There’s a program at the Rec center called “Group X” that offers fitness classes, like Zumba, boxing, group strength, spinning, and yoga to name a few.

I’m a regular that the Group Strength classes and was hesitant to try Zumba.   My first Zumba experience was  a mistake.  I thought I was going to group strength and incidentally now, I’m addicted. If you haven’t heard about Zumba it’s a Latin-based workout that integrates dance with exercise. Their slogan is “ditch the workout and join the party” to that I say, okay!

I googled how many calories are burned and it’s a whopping 400-600–though the infomercial claims 1000 calories per hour.  It’s such a great ab workout without having to get on the floor and do crunches. Which, I don’t know about you but I’d rather dance than do crunches!

This photo was right after today’s Zumba classs. Throughout the class my shirt turned a darker shade of blue (almost dark enough to match my shoes!) and Meiko is always happy when I get home have her salt fix.

zumba and meiko


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